Saturday, June 11, 2011

Balanced Living

The modern world places great emphasis on personal choice. In an average day we all make countless decisions - there's a range of products for every need, a computer command for every circumstance, a sandwich filling for every palate. All this gives us unprecedented opportunities to shape our lives in lots of small ways. However, having to make so m any choices, often with little or no time in which to consider them, can become overwhelming. How do you decide which options will enhance, rather that detract from, the balance of your life?

Technological advances, such as satellite communications and e-mail, now make it easy to contact people anywhere in the world anytime. The internet offers easy access to vast amounts of information that in the past would have taken days,  or weeks, to collate; and computer technologies enable us to do more in less time than ever before. Other modern  conveniences abound - for example, fast foods, cellphones, and air travel. If we can fulfill our responsibilities at home and at work more quickly than before, then theoretically, we should have more time to relax and enjoy ourselves. If only life were that simple.

All these benefits of modernity have negative consequences as well as positive. In the computer age it's easy to fall into the rap of spending more and more time at work trying to become even more productive. Fast foods have contributed to an increased prevalence of obesity and diabetes in developed countries. Ease of travel can result in our being away from family and friends more than is good for us. And being accessible outside working hours to clients or co-workers via our cellphones can cause work concerns to invade our home life.

We are more likely than previous generations to change job regularly and to move to different regions or even different countries. On the one hand, this flexibility gives us a great chance to meet new people and simple a wide variety of cultural and working environments. On the other hand, it may make our lives feel unstable, especially as the growing trend for organizations to hire people on fixed-term contracts means that often our job changes are dictated to us.

In identifying the choices that are right for you, the first thing o need to develop is a clear and compelling vision, so that you always stay focused on your goals and priorities when scrolling through the often bewildering range of options available

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