Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Go Hunting

An important thing to realize is that it doesn't make any difference how much difficulty there is - there
are always great possibilities in any situations.

Generally, when people are disheartened, they can's see the possibilities. They see only the difficulties
that are involved, not the solution. They magnify the difficulties, to blow them up, to make them bigger
that they actually are.

The thing to do when you are disheartened is that very opposite: go hunting around in your situation for
the bright possibilities that are surely there

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Awakening Your Creative Childhood Self

Something to try...

  • Do something just fro fun of it - go for a cycle ride, go horse-riding, play round of golf, go dancing at a club, go to a park for a day to hike, go swimming. Choose an activity that is energetic, something that you do not often do, and something you enjoy
  • Play games - cards, ball games, Frisbee, tennis, or other games that involve interaction with others. Games stimulate our strategic thinking and take us away from the wold of work.

  • Smile and laugh - being alive is an exciting adventure and being a conscious being is an extraordinary miracle.
  • Sit down - do nothing every now and then, and just dream.