Friday, May 27, 2011

Warm Footbath

What could be more relaxing than taking a foot-bath after a long day on your feet-standing at work, treading asphalt while shopping, or after an arduous hike? A foot bath is easy to prepare, less effort than a whole bath, and still revitalizes not only your feet, but distant parts of your body as well. You can sit on the edge of your bath-rub and dangle your feet in the warm water, or you can use a foot basin. Don't forget to end with a very short cold gush to your feet.

You might want to combine a foot-bath with a foot-massage. Because every part of your body corresponds to a part of your foot, your whole body benefits from a foot massage.

This bath wakes up tired feet, warms cold feet, increase circulation throughout your body, calms your nerves, and soothes headaches. Because of a direct 'line' between feet and head, it relieves congestion and may even stop a cold if you take the foot-bath right at the onset. The warm water keeps feet beautiful and softens corns and calluses. Taken before bedtime, a warm foot-bath promotes sleepiness because the worst sleep robbers are cold feet.

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